Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hi quilters,
Been busy moving from the apt. to my mothers house.  Plans to have a retreat center in the apt. are in the works.  If interested for a certain date let me know ahead of time. 
Happy Halloween.  What a great night it was for the trick & treat little people. 
The ups man continues to bring us great things.  Tara is in the process of getting all of the new things on the web.  There is so much!  20 bolts from primitive gatherings Old Glory collection just got here.  A must see.
I will mention a few new notions again:  cover button kits 1 1/8",  the quilters boot-will miter your corners right where you want them, especially on odd angles. Lighted seam ripper with magnifying glass. 
Making pillows - we have pillow forms.  Need christmas ideas or gifts, we can help and we love to.
Or remember gift certificates are always good for that hard to get quilter.

Exira/Elk Horn Spartans football game Friday at Exira vs. Glidden.  Win one more and on to the dome!!

Found this quote on pinterest:
The most precious jewels you'll have around your neck are the arms of your children.  ( And I will add grandchildren to that)

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